Nexus War is now closed.

This game was a significant portion of my life over the past three and a half years.

I loved writing every line of this game. I loved writing every snippet of lore. I loved writing every stupid little routine and in-joke. I loved creating cities and history.

Despite my inability to continue funding it out of pocket, I do not feel that I have failed in my original goal: to create a community.

And for this, I thank you all.

I have enjoyed our time together.

The forums and the wiki, and the irc server ( will remain active as long as I can keep them going.

I am, as ever, and jormosaurus rex.

- Brandon Harris (, October 12, 2009

For your edification, here was the original text in this space:

Nexus War is a browser-based massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game wherein characters and their factions vie for control over territory and power throughout several planes of existence.

The universe - all that we know, all that exists - is dying. It is time for a new universe to be born.

In a faraway place and time, souls do battle to determine which ethos will dominate the new creation. This place is known by many names but those there refer to it as The Nexus.

As characters grow in experience and power, they discover that their every ethical action weighs against their soul. Those who persevere towards good may eventually ascend into angelhood while those who make evil their lot may descend, becoming a twisted member of the demonic horde. However, free-will is the dominant ethos, so many choose neither path, opting to study deeper, unaligned magicks and ways of combat.